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 Talent, dedication, and persistence has brought these 11 to 14 year olds to the next level. SPINNING BAD is a rock band comprised of singer/guitarist Maddy Hellstrom, drummer Gerard Tolentino, bassist Mike Riggio, and keyboardist Massimo Riggio. A group of ambitious musical prodigies, SPINNING BAD’s range of influences from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen is subtly weaved throughout their sets and original work. Collectively, the bandmates have written a diverse catalog of original songs.

Their latest set includes a range of classic rock covers like Jump, current artists such as Five Seconds of Summer, and of course originals that reflect a range in style and texture. SPINNING BAD was formed in 2013 with original members Maddy Hellstrom (vocals/guitar) and Mike Riggio (bass).

The band is currently in the recording studio and is booking shows and private parties!
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